Yes, My Prince


Son and the only heir to a rich and powerful family, Prince Omar Abulis Maali, had everything he’d ever wanted in life and it had been a very long one indeed.

Cursed with immortality by an enchanted Talisman, Omar and a servant have existed centuries, in search of anything to assist them in gaining their freedom.

Esme, a servant to the Maali family, has fared worse than Omar. In a twist of fate, she’s been transformed to a genie by the hands of an unknown Jinn. Trapped within the depth of the amber colored talisman, she is at Omar’s beck-in-call—honor-bound to serve and obey him until the enchantment is broken.

Centuries pass like the rising and setting of the sun, the time-traveling duo is no closer to discovering the motive behind their perpetual existence and how to free themselves. Fates as they are, Esme and the talisman suddenly vanish, leaving the prince to realize that he needs Esme and more than as a companion. Though immortal, Omar is not magical. In a race across space and time, Omar is undaunted to find and bring her home. Curse be damned.

 *Paranormal , Fantasy-Fiction, Erotic Romance*