Senory Overload

 By Xerius, she was stunning. Standing just inside the entrance, her eyes were downcast, as was the protocol dictated of all Pleasure Submissives.

“I am P.S. 1400 , here to serve your needs, Milord.” The sound of her silky soft voice wafted over him, making his groin pulse with immediate need. When she raised her head, their eyes met, and his cock jumped in response. Damn! To say it had been too long since he indulged in female’s company would be an understatement. This woman was indeed a creature of extraordinary beauty.


*SI-Fi , Paranormal , Fantasy-Fiction Erotic Romance*


Sensory Overload Excerpt


“A’rian, go left, I’ll go right. Tornz, hold this position.” 

“Yes, Captain Cean Mora,” they replied in unison in his head. With his commands imprinted mentally to his soldiers, and with their neuropathic conformation; Deklan rolled onto his stomach crawling a few more yards, hips shifting, knees bunching up, his heel and toes, digging deep before he popped to his feet and then the team’s real scramble began. At the door he searched through the haze for his other team members, noting their charge amidst a hailstorm of plasmic fire, would be slow going. Never needing to use his parlor tricks on the field before, here and now,

a distraction was paramount. Summoning up a mini sand-swirl would be fancy enough. With the search halogens operators occupied, his team could get to the guards at the ionic doors, slip inside and do a little mind-cleanse without the insurgents getting spooked and tripping the alarms. Closing his eyes Deklan let the energy of the Goddess flow through him– enveloping– suffusing him with light. He felt the sands on the planet’s surface swirl around him, blinding all

others save his troops. Allowing the phenomenon to spread outward, his consciousness was in tune with his brethren. He sensed rather than saw them and together they moved as one collective, toward the building’s outer wall. Moments later, the lights were extinguished, no doubt by Etius and they all reached the gate as the sand-swell continued to give cover. A nano-second later, the gate doors were popped and they rushed in. The surprise registering on the guard’s faces bore expressions like they’d been caught with the Viceroy’s underage daughter, on the back of a hoover -craft— naked, ass-up, while on duty. Not a good scene.

 Before they had time to formulate curses, his team was on them with hands, fist and hard kicks—immobilizing and disarming them easily without even using their weapons. With their enemy’s vocal folds paralyzed and their neural pathways short-circuited, those fuckers weren’t going to be talking, walking, or remembering for or remembering for a while. 

Deklan’s jaw worked as he did a quick mind-scan of the opposition, discovering not only the location of patches of other insurgents but the missing commander as well. All levity aside, it was time to move on to phase two of the mission; recon and get-the-fuck back to base. Flipping a glance at his team, Deklan ground out an order. “Etius, Worrek, Bemis, A’rian, Tornz, on my mark— mind cleanse.”



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