Dom/Sub Series


Dom/sub with Love

My  "D/s" series of novels is a collection of stories that vary in the moderate range on the BDM spectrum and concentrate on the Dominate/ Submissive relationship, the dynamics and in most cases of the series, a romantic aspect to the relationship resulting in an HEA. A few of the stories revolve around a Master or Dom, some deal with a Daddy-Dom. No matter the story, the Dom he is the center of the relationship in the sub's mind and as such, he owns, loves, cares for and protects his submissive. Further, The, devotion these Dominant male's exhibit goes without question.  In short, they epitomize strength in the relationship, instruct and protect his submissive for all the day they chose to commit to one another.  He helps her reach her potential, all-the-while moving closer to attaining his own. There may be other dynamics to Dominate submissive relationship, for my novels, I chose this aspect.


Book 1

 When Taylor Met Libby