My Books

Sensory Overload


Deklan; a man jaded and scarred by the past. D'arci; a woman afraid to trust anyone ever again. In a pleasure palace, they meet, and like an accelerate to a flame ignite a passion, neither can fathom. Together they are propelled into a world of intrigue filled with jealousy, betrayal and deception

Yes, My Prince


Cursed with immortality by an enchanted Talisman, Omar and a servant have existed centuries, in search of anything to assist them in gaining their freedom

FEMLYCAN: Le Tois Amants


Is the Love story between  Dr. Etienne Jascari a 700-year-old vampire  physician, Byian LeGos, a wolf shifter and Dr. Sania Dresden a human veterinarian. Together they share Life and Love of a Paranormal kind.