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Under the Grecian Sun

Niko Stavros and Zac Davidson are two of the hottest architects at Jacobson and Associates Designs Inc.,  for the past ten years. The key to what makes this team so successful is a bond superseding their passion for design--their unwavering loyalty to their company.  Architectural excellence notwithstanding, they've adhered to the boundaries of their business relationship as well as their professional partnership ever since they'd met in college.   Oftentimes though,  real-life troubles have a tendency to roll in and like a squall at sea, heralding rough sailing ahead, or in Zac’s case, a failing marriage that, like a perfect storm, wrecks Zac’s happiness, he'd envisioned having with his wife for the rest of his life. Niko, see the emotional devastation his best friend is having to deal with and invite him to travel home to Greece for the holidays.   Still, the desires of the heart can muddy the waters of even the most secure of platonic relationships, crossing boundaries and blurring lines.  The duo's friendship will be tested tried, measured and weighed as they navigate the rough emotional seas of their interpersonal relationship. Using the Aegean as a backdrop, will Niko be able to express what in his heart?  What happens once Niko opens up? Will Zac accept or reject him--leaving him like the ruins Under the Grecian Sun?


Areana Senoj, Award-Winning Author of Erotic Romance.

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